16 Tech Roadway & Bridge

16 Tech Roadway & Bridge Groundbreaking

Nubian Construction Group is Diversity Coordinator for the 16 Tech Innovation District development project in Indianapolis.

As part of the 16 Tech Innovation District project, a new Signature Bridge will connect the District with the rest of Indianapolis’ trail and greenway network, including the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The bridge will include protected pathways for pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic and will take inspiration design-wise from Fall Creek with an undulating steel ribbon and tree-like vertical supports. The bridge will also provide a new take on a suspension bridge, the first of its kind in the United States. Its signature wave-like form will replace a typical suspension bridge’s large vertical masts with a fan-type arrangement of multiple smaller masts, while flat steel plates will be the main supports, rather than traditional suspension cables.

The bridge will span Fall Creek at West 10th Street and Riley Hospital Drive and is scheduled to complete construction in late 2023/early 2024.

16 Tech Roadway & Bridge Groundbreaking Gallery

Photo credit: – Hadley Fruits for Landmark Columbus Foundation – Dave Grove, American Structurepoint